We are looking for vocal talent to voice our new game; Full Service! Keep in mind that this is an R18 Boys Love game, so expect some steamy scenes! If you are not comfortable with this, we understand. If you, however, are fine with this kind of work you're more than welcome to join the team!

Now, we have several characters in this game. All (mostly) human. If you want to audition as any one of these characters, just write their name in front of your file and zip it all to us! We'll provide some lines below for you to try out~


Accents specified are optional. If possible, try to provide one with and without an accent. If you can't do it, using no accent is fine too. Our focus is for the character to be as coherent as possible.



We encourage amateur voice actors in this project as well! If you are thinking about sending us an audition then follow these guidelines:



• MP3 file. 44100hz. No background noise.

• Record all lines provided in a single file by character.

• For multiple voices, save them in separate files as different takes.

• Name your files as "YourName_CharacterName_Take1", "YourName_CharacterName_Take2", etc.

• You may do more than one take, but each file should not exceed more than 2 minutes.


• Pack your files in a .zip named "YourName_FullServiceAuditions".

• Name your e-mail as "Your Name - Full Service Auditions".

• Include your time schedule.

• Include other ways to contact you, if you have any.

• Tell us a little bit more about yourself~ We want to get to know you.

• Send your e-mail to casting.fullservicegame@gmail.com.

• The voice talent submission will begin now until 22 Jan 2017.


• The files must meet the recording requirements.

• The voice must suit the character.

• Callbacks may be necessary until we find the voices we are looking for.

• You may need to do more in-depth lines for the character during callbacks.

• Final cast will be voted by PUBLIC, BACKERS and HERCULION team.


• Voicing promotion material.

• Voicing the game. Also includes explicit sexual intercourse featuring only men.

• We don't have wordcount estimates yet, but get ready to voice a lot of lines as the game is heavily story-based.

• Interaction and voice directions will be done using Skype. If you prefer another mode of contact feel free to suggest.

• Projected payment is around $200 per main character and $50 per side character. This can be negotiated based on work volume.

• The game is not going to be fully voiced yet, and will be determined depending on user support via kickstarter goals. Subsequently, budget will adjust for this position when that goal is reached to support full voice acting.


Any more questions on the job description can be emailed through: casting.fullservicegame@gmail.com.