We are looking for voices for our new game: Full Service! Keep in mind that this is an R18 Boys Love game, so expect some steamy scenes. If you're not comfortable with this, we understand. However, if you're fine with this kind of work, you're welcome to join the team! Please follow these guidelines when you send your audition: • MP3 file. 44100hz. No background noise.
• Record all lines provided in a single file by character.
• For multiple voices, save them in separate files.
• Name your files as YourName_CharacterName_TakeNumber.
• Pack your files in a .zip named YourName_FullServiceAuditions.
• Name your email as Full Service Auditions.
• Include your time schedule.
• Include other ways to contact you, if you have any.
• Tell us a little bit more about yourself.
• Send your email to kibawalkervoices@gmail.com.
• The submission will begin from June 17 to July 01 2017.
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